Alexander Gerst startet mit der Horizons-Mission im April 2018 erneut ins All.

Assistenten und Brot an Bord der ISS

Viele deutsche Experimente: Gerst bekommt im All Assistenten – und Brot „Alexander Gerst startet im kommenden April erneut ins All. Er ist dann sogar der erste deutsche Astronaut, der zeitweise das Kommando übernimmt. Zudem warten auf den 41-Jährigen viele Experimente – und besseres Essen als beim ersten Einsatz. Ende April 2018 soll Alexander Gerst als Astronaut […]

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White Knight Two carrying the spaceplane SpaceShipTwo. jfoust, CC BY

Space tourism could help boost science research

Space tourism could help boost science and health research – here’s how: „The announcement of the draft Spaceflight Bill in the Queen’s Speech will allow the development of spaceports in the UK. This could see members of the paying public launched into space as tourists, or taking sub-orbital flights from London to New York in […]

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Investigation Tests New Methods of Water Recycling in Space

„Sometimes the best solution to a complex problem is the simplest one. That’s the approach that the Capillary Structures for Exploration Life Support (Capillary Structures) team took when designing the fluid physics investigation aboard the International Space Station. The Capillary Structures investigation uses capillary action, or the ability for a liquid to flow through a […]

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Space Professionals: ORION-Update II

Who are the heads behind the orbiting laboratory ISS? Who cares about the supply on the ground, who is responsible for the medical care of the astronauts? And who determines what happens on board and which experiments are performed? Our series „Space Professionals“ presents different masterminds behind the operation and utilization of the International Space Station: coaches, […]

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