Hurricane Irma from Space

NASA posted video footage of Hurricane Irma as seen from aboard the International Space Station, and it looks every bit like the beast meteorologists have been saying it is. „The International Space Station’s external cameras captured another dramatic view of Hurricane Irma as it made landfall in the Caribbean Sept. 6,“ reads the YouTube description of […]

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How Spaceflight Changes the Human Body

„Humans first journeyed into space in 1961, but even half a century later, questions remain about how spaceflight affects the human body. In a new study, scientists got down to the molecular level to better understand why weightlessness causes changes in the body. A number of effects have been documented in the handful of individuals who […]

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NASA’s Scientific Balloon Program Reaches New Heights

„For decades, NASA has released enormous scientific balloons into Earth’s atmosphere, miles above the altitude of commercial flights. The Balloon Program is currently preparing new missions bearing sensitive instruments, including one designed to investigate the birth of our universe and another with ballooning origins that will fly on the International Space Station. NASA’s Primordial Inflation […]

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The solar eclipse of March 20, 2015, as captured from aboard the International Space Station by astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. Check out her series of 21 photos of that eclipse.

How ISS astronauts saw the eclipse

„The International Space Station passed 3 times on Monday through the moon’s penumbral shadow. Images of the moon’s shadow on Earth, seen from space, acquired by ISS astronauts. Did the International Space Station (ISS) see a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017? No. According to NASA’s EclipseScience, during this eclipse, ISS passed through the […]

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Deutsche Astronautin für die Internationale Raumstation

„Deutschland auf der Suche nach der Astronautin von Morgen: Die Internationale Raumstation (ISS), der Mond, der Mars – Nicola Baumann hat viele Ideen, wohin ihre nächste Reise gehen könnte. Eine davon könnte in einigen Jahren wahr werden. Für die Deutsche ist die ISS rund 400 Kilometer über der Erde nur noch wenige Schritte entfernt. Zur […]

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